Ukuleles Top Picks from February 2021


Unlike guitar ukuleles are smaller and much more compact, they come in many colors and different designs. Today, we will explore some of the options out on the market.

Diamond Head DU-150 Soprano Ukulele


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The Diamond Head DU-150 Soprano ukulele is a fine-toned, affordable instrument with a true vintage look, shaped maple neck, polished frets for fast, and sound. The incredible Mahogany stain in a semi-gloss finish gives the look of a prized, vintage collectible. The neck and body are made of resonant maple and the fingerboard and bridge are dark-stained hardwood. 

The low, smooth nickel-silver frets ensure a low, easy playing action and the quality nylon strings give the true, mellow sounds of the Hawaiian Islands. The nut and saddle are white ABS and the fingerboard has pearloid position dots. 

The guitar-style, nickel-plated tuning machines have white buttons and their high gear ratio and smooth action make tuning easy for the beginning student. The DU-150 comes complete with a sturdy gig bag of black nylon featuring the Diamond Head logo.

Normally, affordable ukuleles are often perceived to be more 'toy-like,' than taken seriously as a genuine musical instrument. With a Diamond Head Traditional ukulele, you can be sure that each one is constructed with the same attention to detail that might only be expected in more costly instruments. From all angles, the construction is clean, and the fit and finish will exceed expectations.

It’s never been easier to afford a quality soprano ukulele that has the classic island look and sound. The DU-150 put all the right features together in one fantastic and affordable instrument. With its soprano-sized body, guitar style tuners, and rich mahogany brown finish, the DU-150 will astound everyone with its great sound and affordability.

Ranch Tenor Ukulele Kit

Starter Kit

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RANCH Tenor Ukuleles Instrument Kit includes a Tenor ukulele 26",The lined fabric gig bag, clip-on handy digital tuner with LED display,the strap: play in standing position, a microfiber polishing cloth, an extra Set of Aquila 4 strings in case you break a string, although unlikely.

Ukuleles are light and well built instruments, with the fret boards surprisingly smooth on every sides details, Neck is well connected and easy to navigate, the frets are nice and polished. 

Traditional 26 inch Tenor ukuleles Equipped with strings and silver geared tuners, 18 silver nickel frets with fret position marks at 5th, 7th, 10th, 12th, 15th and 17th frets on top of fingerboard.

Selected wooden fingerboard & bridge offers both sturdy construct and smooth touch that you can roll over the frets freely on the strings whether playing chords or single notes

This instrument is intended for high-end use, it's a great pro ukulele or an excellent spare to use. Definitely a great ukulele travel instrument, just haul the bag to school every day, camping trips, coffee shops , children's parties and on any road trip you take.

This is a great fit for any beginner or casual players to relax, express your creativity and puts a smile on many faces. You really only need to learn 4 chords and you're set to play hundreds of different & perfect island-y sounds for most Disney/children songs and pop songs. It's pretty cool!

Cordoba 15CM Concert Ukulele

Cordoba Ukulele

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Cordoba’s 15cm ukulele offers the perfect point of entry for those looking to pick up the ukulele. This handmade concert ukulele features mahogany top, back, and sides, giving this small bodied ukulele a full, rich sound. Appointments like the abalone-style rosette and ivoroid body and fingerboard binding set this ukulele apart from other models in its price range. Additional features include a sleek satin finish, silver tuners with pearl buttons, and premium Aquila strings. Beginners and professionals alike will appreciate the 15CM’s good looks and easy play ability. 

Cordoba makes a wide range of ukuleles across the soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone sizes. Wood options include all mahogany (15 and 20 Series), spruce/rosewood (22 Series), all ovangkol (23 Series), cedar/spalted maple (24 Series), and all acacia (25 Series). Select models feature cutaways and pickups.

The 30 Series is the top of the line, featuring all solid woods, select models with cutaways and the LR Baggs Five.O pickup, and a Spanish heel neck joint.

With such a wide range of tone woods and sizes, you're bound to find the Cordoba ukulele may be the right fit for you.

Caramel Acacia Wood Tenor Ukulele Kit

Caramel Acacia Wood

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Caramel CT204 26 inch Tenor Ukuleles are made of ALL SOLID Acacia wood with beautiful wood grain patterns,which offer the ukulele better sustain, more stable sound and pure tone,also achieve better resonance.Acacia is the wood most synonymous with the ukulele,the sound is sweet, mellow and warm.Caramel ukuleles are the instrument of choice for both professional and beginners. 

Do you want to learn to play Ukulele? This starter Ukulele kit gets you started! Comes with: 1x 26 inch Tenor Ukulele, 1 extra set G-C-E-A strings ,gig bag (12mm padded, made of 300D 6CD polyester yarn),3x guitar picks,1x cleaning cloth ,1x ukulele wall hanger ,1x ukulele strap(with pegs), 2x bridge pins ,1x metal nail drawer ,1x EQ cable,1x instructions. 

Start your musician journey with a real solid wood ukulele ,stop buying PLASTIC TOYS !Tenor ukuleles, 26 inch size is better than Concert, only 3 inches bigger but with better sound and wider spaced frets which are better for adults, novices, intermediate player or professionals who starts to practice on.

Donner Tenor Ukulele


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Donner ukulele installed high density real cattle bone guitar nuts and bridge saddles which have better sound transmission than plastic nuts to improve ukulele's sound, tone, and resonation. It has unique patented tuning machines to increase tuning accuracy and keep your ukulele playing in tune. Easy to tune. NO buzzing noises, NO tuning problem. Come with a digital clip-on tuner to help get in tune. 

This ukulele is equipped with high-polished Aquila regular ukulele strings which is soft and smooth to touch with a very clear, sweet sound. Not easily out of tune. Presented a warm, crisp, bright lovely sound. 

Donner is concerned about carry and protection for the Ukulele, This set includes a padded backpack with 2 adjustable padded shoulder straps for easy comfortable carry and well protects the ukulele from dust, scratches and damage. 

The smooth Mahogany body produces a crisp and pleasant sound. Highly polished smooth Aquila ukulele strings with elevated resistance to wear under tension. Well polished smooth rosewood fingerboard and bridge provides a comfortable playability. Sami-Open finish with 9-cycle grinding and polishing process.

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