Best Early Youth Drum Sets And Music

Mendini by Cecilio 13 Inch

The Best Fun and Educational Music Toys for Kids

So, your little one has discovered that their world is filled with potential percussion instruments. The tables, chairs, cabinets, floor – everything, has become their own personal drum.

So why not give them something with which they can make some music? Though the temptation to bind their hands might be a strong one, have some aspirin and earplugs on standby and go get them a fun and educational percussion toy.

The best early youth drum sets and music can help turn your little migraine-machine into a master musician. Drumming is a way for children to become acquainted with the experiential foundations of sound science, mathematics, and the broader material sciences.

VTech KidiBeats Kids Drum

Studies have shown that early music education, and drumming, in particular, serves to develop neural fiber pathways that connect a person's analytical left brain and creative right brain; an effect which is extremely beneficial and rare outside of music.

The earlier a child begins their education in music, the healthier their brain development and percussion is arguably the most beneficial musical focus for youngsters.

Best Early Youth Drum Sets

Whether your little percussionist is 9 years old or 9 months old, there is a drum set that will be both fun and educational while mitigating the damage caused to household appliances. So, if you’re looking for something to focus their little heads and hands on something other than the glass china cabinet, look no further.

Each drum set we’ve chosen has a varied mixture of educational value and fun, which is mostly dependent on the child's age, as well as the parent's patience level (and amount of aspirin to hand).

Of course, you won’t be getting the world’s best construction quality with superb finishes and produced by a leading drum company like Pearl. What you will end up with is an inexpensive musical instrument of decent brand quality that will introduce your kids to the world of music and drumming.

Hopefully they will be sold on the idea of playing music which could lead them back to the music store in the future for full-sized drum kit and maybe to become the next American rock drummer idol. Without further adieu, here are some of the best drum sets for early youths – from preschool to performance.

The VTech KidiBeats Drum Set is a huge win-win for parents and their little drummer prodigy. It features multiple play modes for educational values, as well as for just pure fun.

VTech KidiBeats Kid’s Drum Set

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The KidiBeats Drum Set is a perfect option for early youths of over a year old to around 5 years old. This is a great drum set for parents, too, as it features an auto power-off option, as well as extensive volume control settings.

Fun Features

  • Light-Up Drum Pad and Cymbal – watch your child love the multi-colored LED light display contained within each drum pad and cymbal. With each hit of the drum sticks, the set comes to life with brilliant sound and vibrant illumination
  • 9 Melodies from 3 Genres – kids can explore the world of percussion through 9 different melodies that span rock, dance, and pop music
  • Freestyle Play – kids can mix and match between 16 unique drum sounds to create original compositions or simply just bang away

Educational Features

  • “Follow Me” Mode – great for developing a child's auditory/visual acuity through the simple, fun activity of matching light with sound
  • Number Jams – a wonderfully simple activity that teaches kids how to count through hitting the drum pads and cymbals in the correct sequence
  • Alphabeats – a game designed to teach letters, phonics, and words

Once your little one has outgrown the KidiBeats Drum Set, they might just be ready for the something a bit more realistic. And though it packs a punch, the Mendini 3-Piece Kid’s Drum Set is perfect for beginners so there’s no need to worry.

Mendini Kids Drum Set

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It carries a full sound in a little package; enough to satisfy the most aspiring drummer, but not enough to annoy the neighbors. Cecilio sets the age range between 3 to 8 years for this mini-drum set, though parents might just find themselves sneaking in a few jam sessions when nobody's looking (or listening).

Fun Features

  • Kid/Junior Size – perfect for early youth drummers
  • Feels and Sounds Great – big sound with minimal carry distance
  • Color Options – blue, green, black, red, and purple

Educational Features

  • Fully-functional drum set
  • Learn to play like a pro


  • 13” x 8” bass drum
  • 8” x 6” tom
  • 10” x 4” mounted snare drum
  • 8” cymbal
  • Height-adjustable drum throne
  • Bass drum pedal
  • Wooden drum sticks

The Westminster Desktop Drum Set is a great option that sits between the KidiBeats Drum Set and the Mendini 3-Piece Set. As it contains a few small pieces, this drum set is targeted for kids aged 8 years and up.

3. Westminster Desktop Drum Set

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This fully-acoustic mini-drum set is just the right size to sit on top of a table, desk, or dresser and can be stored easily on a shelf. It enables kids to learn the rhythmic basics of playing a full-sized drum, without the full-sized noise.

Fun Features

  • Desk-sized convenience
  • Big sound in a small space

Educational Features

  • Acoustic rhythm training
  • Hone your skills


  • Toms – 2 count / 4.5”, 1 count / 6”
  • Metal cymbal
  • Plastic drumsticks
  • Plastic drum stand

The Music Alley 3 Piece Drum Set  is just about as close as any of the best early youth drum sets get to the real thing. This baby comes with everything. If they need an incentive to take the next step and commit to the music, this drum set makes it a pleasure.


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Mom and Dad will have a tough time keeping their hands off of it, as kids will instantly fall in love with its accessibility, clean sound, and tight action. This is an advanced kid’s drum set, perfect for those who have outgrown the previous models.

It is designed for children between 2 ½ and 5 feet tall, but don't let the size fool you; the Mendini Complete Kid’s Drum Set has all the sound and resonance that your neighbors can possibly handle. Bust this puppy out at three in the morning if you’re itching to find out...

Fun Features

  • Full Junior Size Set – perfect for advanced youth drummers
  • Feels and Sounds Great – big sound with plenty of resonance
  • Color Options – blue, silver, black, wine red, bright red, and green

Educational Features

  • Fully-functional drum set
  • Play with the pros


  • 16” x 11” bass drum
  • 8” x 6” & 10” x 5” tom-tom drums
  • 12” x 10” floor tom
  • 10” x 6” snare drum
  • 8” hi-hat cymbal with chain-driven stand
  • 10” crash cymbal with bass drum mounted stand
  • Height-adjustable drum throne

Best Early Youth Drum Music

Instruments are of little use if one has no music to play or follow. A music book for drummers is the perfect accompaniment gift for your little prodigy. Give them the tools to play like a professional or, at least, to read music with one of these great drumming music books for kids and beginners alike.

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