The Must-Have Trumpet Accessories You Need to Know About

The Must-Have Trumpet Accessories You Need to Know About

Anyone with an instrument knows just how much goes into its care and use, and the trumpet is no different. There are a few different trumpet accessories that no player should be without, from their care and cleaning to parts that can adjust their sound.

The initial outlay when you first start playing an instrument can seem like a lot, but everything on the trumpet gear list is designed to protect it and prolong the life of your precious instrument. With some savvy shopping, you can get all of the accessories you need for an affordable price, and update them to better quality ones if you need to down the line.

This is a beginner’s guide to what’s needed for a trumpet player and the role that the trumpet supplies play. These accessories will let you care for your instrument but also get the best out of it, so they’re a must-have for any brass lover.


Trumpet Stand

A trumpet stand lets you rest your instrument safely and within arm’s reach and they’re foldable for easy transport. A trumpet stand is usually five-legged for support and isn’t just for professional players or those in a band. You can leave your trumpet on the stand between practice, provided it doesn’t gather too much dust.



When you first buy a trumpet, it will usually come with a case, but the quality may be lacking. A good trumpet case will keep it secure when it’s inside, protect it from dust and damage, but also make it easier for you to transport to shows or practice. The inside is usually lined with something soft like felt and it has a hard outer shell to protect from damage.


mouthpiece on your trumpets

The mouthpiece on your trumpet will have a huge impact on the sound you achieve and they suit various skill levels or types of music. A mouthpiece is made of brass or plastic and coated in gold and silver, and they have many specifications to consider to choose the right one.


Mutes Trumpet

A mute is something attached to a musical instrument to affect its sound. A trumpet mute might be applied to affect the timbre or lower the volume, and sometimes both. They can alter the sound or even make it quieter to play, and some might even use them during practice to create less of a disturbance.

Cleaning and Care

Taking care of any brass instrument will ensure its quality for many years to come. A trumpet has various cleaning and care products that can assist with keeping this quality and ensuring it delivers the best sound. You can purchase complete cleaning kits that include brushes and sprays, or separate products like valve oil and a mouthpiece brush.

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