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The Best Fun and Educational Music Toys for Kids

So, you want your kid to grow up to be the next Beethoven, Mozart, or John Coltrane? It’s never too early to introduce them to the wide world of music and musical instruments. Music, in early education, has been shown to improve cognitive abilities and mental performance across the entirety of a child's brain.

However, most parents who decide to get their three or four-year-old an instrument to play with, realize their mistake pretty quickly when their ears begin to bleed. Luckily, you don't have to inundate your child with music lessons, music theory and endless practice, just to foster an interest in music and musical instruments.

Don’t get them a real sax—when what they really want is a little toy saxophone or trumpet. Here, we have put together a list of some of the best fun and educational music toys for kids who want to grow up to play the sax.


Best Little Toy Saxophones

Wind instruments are a fantastic instrumental family in which to begin a child's musical education. The saxophone is especially well catered to a child's first instrument, as it is a solo instrument which is a part of many musical genres.

Eventually, wind instruments, such as the saxophone are a gateway to classical, Latin, jazz, and many other musical styles. However, before the symphony let’s begin with the best fun and educational little saxophone toys for kids to begin and progress their musical journey.

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The Play At Home Saxophone, from Small World Toys Preschool, is a great toy sax for young children, between ages 1 and 3. This toy is designed to ignite the musical spark through a child's earliest development. The bright color scheme and intuitive interface provide the perfect meeting ground for a musical introduction and pure fun. Its key features include;

  • 18 Pre-Recorded Songs
  • Flashing Lights
  • Color Coded Key Buttons
  • Lightweight Plastic
  • Battery Operated

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Though this little toy sax might not sing like a bird in the hands of a young child, it offers a wonderful, accessible introduction to playing a musical instrument. In addition, if your kid doesn't like it, then it's a great party toy for adults as well.

Unlike battery-powered saxophone toys, this is a four note acoustic toy that requires wind to play. Used alongside an electronic music toy that offers instant satisfaction, the Saxophone Kazoo from Forum Novelties is the perfect little sax for a little tyke. Its key features include:

  • Miniature Size
  • 4 Single Note Keys
  • Acoustic
  • Lightweight Plastic
  • Black and Bronze Color Scheme

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The Saxophone offers a slightly more complex interface, but still with plenty of room for error. It is designed for children aged 2 to 5 in mind. The bright yellow base color is complimented by a color coordinated 8 key structure. This little saxophone is battery operated and offers three modes of musical activity. The key features include:

  • Eight Note Scale
  • Brightly Colored
  • 3 Activity Modes
  • Two Play-Along Rhythm Options
  • Play-Along with 8 Pre Recorded Melodies
  • Note by Note Listening Mode
  • Lightweight Plastic

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If you want to combine Legos and music for kids with the mind of an inventor, the Pipe Works Musical Instrument Builder by Discover Toys is the best choice. The greatest benefit of this toy is its ability to teach children about the physical nature of sound. This is a musical toy for kids of all ages and is designed to release a child's inner creative intuition. Its features include:

  • Trumpet
  • 6 Tube Types for Building
  • Saxophone
  • Flute and more…
  • Open-Ended Construction Play
  • 24 Included Pieces
  • Color-Coordinated Pieces
  • Acoustic
  • Lightweight Plastic
Junior Toy Saxophone for Children by Bontempi

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For kids who are ready for a little bit of a challenge, the Junior Toy Saxophone by Bontempi is a great stepping stone. This toy saxophone is designed for kids in the age range of 3 to 5 years old.

It offers a half scale of notes, which are color-labeled for easy identification—enabling children to gain a solid understanding of how the real instrument would feel without a huge learning curve. In addition, this toy is slightly heavier than the previously mentioned products as it is intended for children in a slightly older range. It features:

  • Dimensions: 14 ⅝ Inches Long
  • 3 Pounds
  • 4 Color Coordinated Notes
  • Silver Body
  • Acoustic Wind
  • Medium-Lightweight Plastic
Senior Toy Saxophone for Children by Bontempi

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The next step up from the Junior Saxophone is the Senior Saxophone by Bontempi. This toy is close to the real thing as it includes a full octave (8 notes) to play with and weighs over 3 pounds for a more lifelike feel.

It is almost identical to its junior version, except for the size and note scale. The added complexity is a perfect stepping stone to introduce children to playing the saxophone a bit more intentionally. The Senior Toy Saxophone features:

  • Dimensions: 16 ½ Inches Long
  • 8 Color Coded Musical Keys (Full Octave)
  • 3+ Pounds
  • Silver Body
  • Acoustic Wind
  • Medium-Weight Plastic

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The Reig Deluxe Saxophone is the final upscale of little toy saxophones. Any closer and it wouldn't be considered a toy. This educational music toy is the perfect upgrade, for kids who are ready to graduate from color coordinated notes.

The Reig Deluxe Saxophone looks and feels like the real thing—except for the weight. If your little one has mastered the Senior Bontempi Saxophone and is ready for the next challenge, then look no further. It features:

  • Dimensions: 16 1/16 Inches long
  • 9.9 Ounces
  • 8 Note Scale (Full Octave)
  • Silver Body
  • Life-like Feel
  • Acoustic Wind
  • Medium Weight Plastic

No matter your child's age, it is never too early to introduce music into their lives. Playing and learning with little toy saxophones is a great way for kids to develop their motor skills, auditory memory and hand-eye coordination.

Babies, toddlers, and elementary school age kids alike will not only benefit from their self-guided musical education, but they will have a blast doing it. Give your kids the little toy instruments that set them up for a rich musically inspired life.

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