A Buying Guide For The Best Trumpet Mouthpiece

A Buying Guide For The Best Trumpet Mouthpiece

Any good brass player knows the importance of a mouthpiece, and it’s potentially the most important part of the entire instrument. At different stages of your playing career, you’ll require something different from a mouthpiece, and there are various styles to suit every skill level and sound you’re trying to achieve.

Choosing the best trumpet mouthpiece can be a daunting task because of this, and if you’re unaware of all of the features and specifications that have to be considered you’ll know why. We’ve created this buying guide to walk you through the process of choosing the best mouthpiece for trumpets, including the must-have features to know about, and our picks for the top rated ones on the market.

With the right mouthpiece on your trumpet, you’ll notice an instant improvement in your sound and the ease of playing. Therefore, it’s one of the most important accessories any brass player can ever own and requires a lot of careful thought when you’re ready to purchase one.

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Winner: ​Bach Trumpet Mouthpiece 3C

Runner Up: ​Yibuy Trumpet Mouthpiece Set

​Yamaha Shewlead Trumpet Mouthpiece

​Paititi Gold Plated 5C Mouthpiece

Our Recommendations for the Best Trumpet Mouthpiece

There are countless types of professional trumpet mouthpieces out there and each of them has their own special purpose. We’ve searched far and wide to come up with the top rated ones according to players, so you don’t need to study a trumpet mouthpiece comparison chart to figure out the best.

Winner: Bach Trumpet Mouthpiece 3C

Reviewing these accessories can be hard to do as every player has their own preference, but our top pick of all on the market would have to be the 3C Trumpet Mouthpiece by Bach. Bach is one of the oldest and most respected names in the world of trumpet accessories and according to their many happy customers, their products are built to last a lifetime.

This is often considered the best trumpet mouthpiece for high notes, so if that’s what you’re after when you pay, this will be a perfect choice. Every feature of this accessory is designed to expand your range as a musician and even the most novice of players will notice an instant improvement in what they’re capable of.

Many mouthpieces are made just for certain skill levels or types of trumpet player, but not this one. According to the reviews from all different players, it suits the beginner through to professional musicians. This means there’s no need to upgrade as your skills progress because you’ll still be able to get a lot out of the Bach 3C mouthpiece.

Bach Trumpet Mouthpiece 3C Review

Our Rating

One piece costs around $50 which makes them fairly priced for the quality they offer. You also have the option of either one or two pieces so you can have a backup ready, but it’s always advisable to test them out first. If you’re changing to a new size, be prepared to spend some time learning the difference, as a few customers have pointed out it can be a challenge.

With a medium cup depth and 16.3mm cup diameter it’s reasonably sized and thanks to the wider rim you’ll feel a lot more comfortable. Even those who are new to trumpet playing will enjoy the feel that this brass accessory offers, and be able to practice for hours without the usual discomfort that comes from generic mouthpieces.

If you’ve been searching for the right trumpet mouthpiece for high notes, you can stop your search now you have the Bach 3C. It’s well made, affordable, and has many loyal customers who vouch for its greatness so you won’t be disappointed. This is a versatile but range extending mouthpiece that suits all types of players, and the difference in quality will be instantly experienced as soon as you put it to your lips.

Runner Up: Yibuy Trumpet Mouthpiece Set

When you add up all of the costs that it takes to play your favorite instrument, spending $50 on just one mouthpiece seems absurd. For the money conscious trumpet player, you can get affordable complete sets of mouthpieces for different sounds and feels, like this one from Yibuy.

The Yibuy Trumpet Mouthpiece Set comes with four different cups and a mouthpiece shank. There are two sets available to choose from. The first has a 2a, 2b, 3a, 3b, and the second has 7c, 5c, 3c, and 1.5.c.  Depending on your skill level and what sound you’re trying to achieve, either one of these could be a great addition to your trumpet.

Yibuy has packaged this mouthpiece set up in a nice box and you can keep them stored away safely until they’re ready to use. With the box it comes in, these also make a great gift for someone you know who plays the trumpet, or as a great addition to a brand new instrument for those who are just learning to play.

Yibuy Silver Trumpet Mouthpiece Review

Our Rating

As a cheaper alternative to most, don’t expect these mouthpieces to last a lifetime. They could work as a jazz trumpet mouthpiece or another style that requires a lot of adjusting the mouthpiece and notes because you’re getting a multipurpose set. However, if you’re looking for the highest quality accessories these will not deliver on that front.

According to customers, once you get the hang of your new mouthpieces you’ll notice an amazingly bright tone. For the low cost, this is a welcome surprise and why they’re one of our top picks. These accessories are capable of improving your sound and giving you a vibrant tone you might not have been achieving before, so they’re definitely worth more than $30 price range they come in.

Overall, the Yibuy Mouthpiece Set is an easy and affordable way to test out what a different mouthpiece can do for your sound and comfort. They might not be designed to last a lifetime but they certainly help improve your range and let you try out sounds that you might have never heard otherwise.

Alternative: Yamaha Shewlead Trumpet Mouthpiece

If you’re a professional trumpet player and you specialize in the lead, you need a mouthpiece that’s going to suit. Our top pick for the best lead trumpet mouthpiece would have to be the Yamaha Shewlead Trumpet Mouthpiece, with every feature specifically designed for this purpose.

Designed with the trumpet superstar Bobby Shew, this lead trumpet mouthpiece will totally revolutionize the way you play. Made just for lead players, it’s part of his famous range that also features a jazz accessory, and it’s often touted as the best jazz trumpet mouthpiece around.

Unless you’re a lead musician, you might not appreciate this as much and would probably prefer something more suited to your playing style. For around $50 it’s pretty reasonably priced but not as versatile as others we’ve reviewed, so your money may be better spent elsewhere.

Yamaha YAC SHEWLEAD Review

Our Rating

Some people have enjoyed the collaboration between Bobby Shew and Yamaha so much that they purchased one of these and one of the jazz mouthpieces. This enables you to switch between the two sounds and ranges, and can really open up your capabilities as a musician if you have the money.

Yamaha and Bobby Shew have included features like a semi-round and semi-thick contour on this mouthpiece. The result is a sound that’s big and open, but lets you hit the high notes that you’re trying to achieve. According to customers, it has a comfortable feel and with the high quality that both Yamaha and Shew are known for, so it’s a great investment.

With a fully brass construction it’s been designed to last for many years, and according to the loyal customers who have owned one before they barely need replacing. The inner diameter is 16.54mm and it has a narrow back bore, giving it a very specific sound that it’s capable of.

This is an ideal choice for lead players but for others, there are probably better options in this price range. Yamaha has a huge selection of mouthpieces and their brass accessories are known as some of the best on the market, so for the price and quality it’s more than reasonable, but only if you’re the type of player it was specifically designed for.

Alternative: Paititi Gold Plated 5C Mouthpiece

For the trumpet player who wants a mixture of quality and affordability, the Paititi Gold Plated 5C Mouthpiece is the perfect fit. While it might not be the most premium mouthpiece around it’s still pretty good for the price and is a great choice for people who don’t have a whole lot of money to spend.

Paititi is known for making generic trumpet accessories like this one designed to suit a wider range of users and instruments. They’re one of the more affordable brands that still have a good reputation and if you’re looking for an entry level 5C model this could be worthwhile to try out.

This is a pretty generic shaped piece that fits on many models of trumpets. You’ll be able to use the 5C mouthpiece on your Bach, Yamaha, King, Conn, and more, so it’s a good generic choice that should suit most people’s instruments. The single piece costs around $20 which puts it at the lower end of the scale, but it’s still one of the top sellers online.

Paititi Gold Plated Rich Review

Our Rating

As a 5C, the Paititi Gold Plated Mouthpiece can expand your tone and range far beyond what you’ve played before. For those who want to extend their upper range specifically, this is the best mouthpiece to help you achieve it without spending a fortune. According to customers who were trumpet teachers, their students were able to vastly improve their skills just by applying this

Although this mouthpiece is marketed at all types of trumpet players, most customers have agreed it’s not ideal for beginners. You’ll find it quite challenging to get the hang of and will even notice a huge difference in how often you have to empty your spit valve, so for beginner players, it’s best to invest a little more and get something truly worthwhile.

If you’re happy to sacrifice on a few extras and solid materials, you can get the Paititi Gold Plated for a great price. These trumpet mouthpieces will make it easier to practice and improve your range, so if you’re not looking for a lifelong accessory and want to save some money, this is a great recommendation.

What Are Trumpet Mouthpieces?

When you get a new trumpet, it will come equipped with a standard mouthpiece already attached. The mouthpiece, just as the name suggests, is where you’ll place your mouth and blow, so the design of this very small part actually has a lot of impact on the final sound and how much effort is required.

A trumpet mouthpiece comes in many shapes and sizes and even suited for different types of players. There are leads, jazz, beginner, and expert types to choose from, and they come with different dimensions and specifications that again can alter the final product.

The average price of one of these mouthpieces starts at about $20 but can extend greatly up to $200, depending on the brand and quality. A trumpet player might switch between multiple pieces to adjust their tone and range, so it's not a one-off investment that you’ll make and never want to replace again.

The Importance of This Brass Accessory

Trumpet Mouthpiece

Having a good mouthpiece on your trumpet means one that will give good projection and a tone that is firm. Without the right one, you’ll likely have trouble achieving this and possibly even experience discomfort while you’re playing.

The trumpet is capable of making many different sounds and fitting in with many genres of music. What makes them so capable of achieving such range is not just about the skill of the player, but the mouthpiece they’re using. Thanks to minor adjustments in length or diameter, a mouthpiece can help you extend your range, brighten your tone, or even make it easier to learn as you play.

There’s no one size fits all approach when it comes to these accessories which is why the search for a new one is daunting. It will depend on your personal skill, the tones you’re trying to play, how much you want to spend, and what instrument you’re using to find the perfect fit.

What To Look For When Choosing a Trumpet Mouthpiece

Whether you’re a beginner at the trumpet or have years of professional experience, the features that all players have to consider when choosing a new mouthpiece are the same. Consider these factors before you make your final choice and weigh up what effect they might have on the final sound.


The most common material used for a mouthpiece is brass, however, some cheaper alternatives use plastic. The brass may then be coated in either silver or gold, with silver being the most popular.


Mouthpieces sizes

The sizes and shape of the rim contour, rim thickness, internal cup diameter, depth, and backbore all need to be considered when choosing your mouthpiece.  These parts can affect pitch, range, tone, and ease of playing and even the smallest difference in size will make an impact.

Brand and Model

You will need to match the model of the mouthpiece to the trumpet you’re playing, however not all brands use the same system. You can generally see which trumpets the mouthpiece manufacturer recommends to fit that particular one.

Your Playing Style

Playing Styles

Consider yourself and your trumpet playing habits when choosing a mouthpiece. Some will be better suited for beginners or experts, and there are specific types of sounds like jazz or lead that can be achieved with a piece. Think about why you want a new mouthpiece and what you’re trying to achieve with it and that will lead you in the right direction.

The Easiest Way to Improve Your Sound

The simple act of changing your mouthpiece can have a dramatic result on the sound your trumpet makes. Not only will it affect things like the tone and pitch, but as the player, you’ll find it easier or harder to achieve these notes depending on whatever mouthpiece is fitted.

Choosing a mouthpiece is a very personal task as we each have our own preferences and needs to consider. The best approach is to think about what you’re hoping to achieve by getting a new mouthpiece and then search for the model and brand that’s going to help you fulfill it.

People who have only ever played with the generic mouthpiece that came with their trumpet really have no idea about the possibilities that this one accessory can offer. If you’re ready to take your playing to the next level and explore what you and your favorite instrument are capable of, it’s time to check out your options for the best trumpet mouthpiece.

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